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Comunidad San Dimas
Aboud Comunidad San Dimas Inc. 
Our Purpose is:
To bring the Christian message of forgiveness, restorative justice and peace, to at-risk youth, former gang members, formerly incarcerated young adult men and women in probation or parole programs, including support to their victims.

To offer prevention and rehabilitation services to reduce recidivism and help the people we serve become productive citizens, we focus on:
  1. Pastoral care, restorative justice, spiritual guidance, forgiveness and prayer in the Christian and Catholic tradition to bring personal stability and peace;
  2. Development of facilities, activities, and empowerment programs, including but not limited to education, literacy, vocational training, and life skills;
  3. Economic development and employment programs for job readiness and continued support in work-life assistance;
  4. Transitional housing and residential assistance to ensure their successful and adequate return to the community;
  5. Health support services to stabilize re-entry to society and prevent return to substance abuse and violence, including but not limited to family relationship enhancement programs; and
  6. Access to, or creation of, recreational opportunities to maintain and enhance the overall quality of life.

Comunidad San Dimas Inc.
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