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Comunidad San Dimas
Casa San Dimas and The Good Samaritan 
CSD Casa San Dimas Mission Statement
To enable youths and young adults recently released from incarceration, whether on probation or parole, to find safe, stable and affordable temporary and or permanent housing in order to foster their rehabilitation and transition into society; to assist these youth and young adults to become productive and law-abiding persons, both to their benefit and to benefit the whole community.

CSD Casa San Dimas Goal
Housing is an integral and critical component for CSD's target population. There are two separate and distinct housing needs with their own unique problems, challenges and requirements:

1. Temporary housing - a halfway home (Casa San Dimas Transitional Home) for newly released youth and young adults who are on probation. For the most part, they will be young (under 19 years of age) and require close supervision, guidance and monitoring.

2. Permanent housing - rental aid for young adults (19-35 years of age) who are on probation or parole, who are either attending school and/or who have jobs or are currently looking for jobs.

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