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Comunidad San Dimas
CSD Amigo Employment Support Aid - Economic Development 
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CSD Amigo Economic Development Mission Statement
To provide real hope and an action plan for marginalized youth and adults being released from incarceration (on  probation or parole) to re-entry phase to stable work with a bright future. To develop a partnership for life skills development.

Our Vision and Goal is to create relationships, support job skills and create employment opportunities for at-risk youth and adults, former gang members, ex-offenders released from probation or parole so they are empowered to become self-sufficient. Beyond that, our vision and goal is to re-construct relationships in the family, the community and society.

Challenges our brother and sisters face today when they try to change their lives around from gangs and incarceration:
  1. Hopelessness and despair
  2. Restoring and keeping dignity, morale high, self-esteem high, old way vs. new way
  3. Immediate money for food, housing, transportation vs. long term needs
  4. High School Diploma and General Educational Development (GED) road blocks
  5. Balancing job, education, and family

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