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Comunidad San Dimas
Comunidad San Dimas Avenues of Hope - Ex-Offenders Re-Entering Society 
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CSD Avenues of Hope Education Development Mission Statement:
To provide financial, moral, and spiritual aid to students of all ages who suffered incarceration and that are in need of support, so they may achieve academic success and financial independence, and, by so doing, promote the full flourishing of our whole community.

What does it take to break the cycle of criminal life and incarceration?
Based on our walk with and the testimonials of those who have lived this experience, it requires an intense will and deep calling to change attitudes and behavior to improve one's life, a willingness to learn new skills, and an ability to overcome rejection time after time. The obstacles that wait for a juvenile or adult ex-offender or ex-gang member who is released into society, even if they desire to change, are enormous.

Change & Challenge.
Once released from incarceration, our brothers and sisters usually find re-entering society a difficult process. Attitudes and behaviors that were used for survival in jail or prison (e.g., being tough, intimidating or withdrawn) work against building a stable social and emotional life. The Culture Shock of going from regimented incarceration life to the "freedom" and anarchy of life on the outside can create a wall of resistance to change. This resistance is reinforced when one is accustomed to a certain life style such as selling drugs, easy money, or being in a gang.

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