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First we would like to thank you for your support. Without your kindness and generosity, we would not be able to support programs when people need it most.

Share a Financial Contribution

  • Donate Online
  • Check Mail-in Donations
  • Automatic Bank Transfer
  • Tribute, Celebration, Memorial Gifts

Checks Mail-in Donations
We accept donations year-round.  Make your check payable to Comunidad San Dimas and send it to:

Comunidad San Dimas
P.O. Box 40638
San Francisco, CA 94140

Automatic Bank Transfer
Contribute regularly, with your gift transferred automatically from your bank account, at the frequency and in the amount you wish. It's quick and simple, and it saves on paper and postage. For more information
contact us.

Tribute, Celebration, Memorial Gifts
You may choose to honor, celebrate, or memorialize someone with a gift to Comunidad San Dimas. Just send us the names and addresses of the persons you wish to honor, and we will send them a note informing them of your gift.

Matching Gifts
If you company does match donations, you can match your gift to Comunidad San Dimas. Matching gift forms are generally obtained from the company's personnel or benefits office and forwarded by the donor, along with the donation, to Comunidad San Dimas. Comunidad San Dimas then verifies receipt of the gift on the form and returns it to the employer for processing. Ask your employer about the company policy on matching gifts, or
contact us to obtain more detail information about this donation option.

Why Care?

The Facts

  • 90% of the inmates in California's prisons will be released to our neighborhoods.
  • Most people youth or adults leave prison with less than $200 and or with no money, often, with no place to go.
  • Checking "felon" on housing and job applications shuts doors and hearts.
  • 71% of parolees return to prison.
  • It costs taxpayers $43,000+ a year to warehouse an inmate.
  • Parole failure means higher welfare costs to support families, including the financial and human costs of delinquent children and school dropouts.
The experience of "freedom" to a youth and adults coming out of jails and prisons is similar to the plight of a caged canary suddenly set free in a forest. The expectations of him or her are great but, without help with facing his and her fears, self doubt, loneliness and the formidable challenges of finding housing, food, work, and family support the odds are stacked against him or her.
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